Dixie Lee Harper

We found Dixie last fall online while we were in search of a puppy for our son's 11th birthday last year. Dixie was soon spotted on the web page for our local animal control website. I fell in love with her that first moment. Ironically the adoption day was on Cameron's birthday September 27 so off we go to the event over in Gastonia. She was very excited to have so many giving her attention. But the minute we walked into the building I told one of the reps there, 'this is our dog'. She smiled and began our paperwork. Dixie was 2 months old at this time. She is a terrier-basset hound mix, although our vet tells us she has a little lab and boxer thrown in. She never ceases to amaze me at how smart she is by doing things that are just so interesting. However our cat, Bailey, was not too thrilled at her arrival. Over the last 6 1/2 months, they have come around with each other and although there not the best of friends yet, they do have their moments. They do have one thing in common, and that is their color/markings. Who would have ever known that a little over 9 years after rescuing our cat Bailey, we would find her a sibling to match in color. I am so glad we have her and can't imagine life without her now, not ever. She is very protective of me especially. She keeps me company 24/7. Life is not boring in the least here now. Dixie is now almost 7 months old (She was born on or around July 28 2008) according to our vet. I would recommend to anyone that is searching for that perfect pet to please visit their local animal shelter.
Lisa Harper
Belmont, NC