Dolly & her 7 Puppies

On Valentines Day I found a stray, skiny, malnutrioned Mama dog in the middle of the street, when I tried to coax her into the car, she took off and led me to an overgrown part of a Tree Nursery. She hid in a very large mulch pile. I figured this is where she was hiding her puppies, but I couldn't get into the nursery. For the next 3 weeks my husband & I went twice a day to feed her. She still wouldn't let us get close to her. Last Saturday the nursery owner saw us and ran over to find out what we were doing, when we told him we were feeding the black stray Mama dog, he gladly responded "Do you want her & her puppies?" Yes we said! But how do we get her? He replied, come back on Tuesday and get her & her 7 puppies! He didn't want them and as a matter of fact they were a nuasance. Well, we went back on Tuesday, the puppies were a breeze to get, the Mama dog, not so much, the Nursery workers were able to catch her in the afternoon and we were able to bring her home. It's clear she's been abused and scarred, but she's starting to come around and we are earning her trust everyday. Her name is Dolly and she is now ours. We are having fun with the puppies and trying to find caring loving homes. We will probably keep one of them as well. They have brought so much happiness to us! Here is a picture of Lucy & Pongo (named by my niece), so you can see how great they are doing!
Homestead, FL