Double Rescue Cat

Toby was a stray kitten we found in our alleyway, we thought he might be a neighbors but by the time we found out he wasn't he had us wrapped right around his paw! Our Sheltie Daisy wasn't as excited as we were about having a kitten in the house, but she was tolerant. One day after my husband got his orange juice Toby was for such a short time we hadn't even realized he was gone, but Daisy did! Daisy barked and whined and carried on until my husband followed her, she lead him right to our refrigerator, when he opened the door out hopped Toby! We were so thankful to Daisy for rescuing our dear Toby! Toby was a "double rescue" cat. Toby and Daisy were best freinds from that day on.
Chris Thompson
Brooklyn Park, MN