Dr. Goody Saves the Day

I am a senior citizen. I fell and dislocated my right shoulder on a Friday. My doctor asked me if I could wait until Monday to see an orthopedic specialist because she didn't want to "pop" the shoulder back in. I agreed. When I got home, I took my pain meds and stretched out on the couch to rest. Goody jumped on the dining room table (which he doesn't do) and from there took a leap into the middle of the living room floor and then jumped in an arc and landed on me and "popped" my shoulder back in. Obviously, I must have been laying exactly in the right position for him to have enough weight to do this. Goody is a very laid back kitty and this wasn't like him at all. On Monday the specialist asked what doctor had reset the shoulder. The confusion on his face when I told him that "Dr. Goody" fixed it was quite a sight. He asked me where Dr. Goody's office was and I told him that I lived with him and then explained what happened. We had a good laugh. Goody and his sister Sweetie were feral newborn babies that fell out of a ceiling in a house that my son was renovating. I raised both of them from day 1 and I think that Goody was just saying "Thank you." To that I say, "You're welcome and back at you!"
El Reno, OK