I posted Kira's story on here a few months ago and figured I'd post about his brother! I worked at a theater last summer that was next to the inner loop. (The inner loop is a highway that loops through our downtown area.) One of our employees let us know she heard meowing late at night, so we went to check it out. There were baby cries from brush on the side of the highway, not seeing anything we left food and went home. The food was gone the next day and we heard the cries again. Turns out a small Kitten was just in sight past the fence. Squeezing through we tried to lure him to us, didn't happen. We tried to go to him, but he hid in a hole. Every night for the next week we would leave food and sit by the fence and each night he would creep closer. Everyone at the theater starting getting involved and one guy made the kitten a makeshift box bed. He was still skiddish after a week and as it just so happened the highway was to be filled in and his little tree home destroyed the next month, so during my day shift I brought in a live trap and within five minutes the hungry little one was inside. I brought him home with all intents to re-home him, I didn't even give him a nickname! But, my boyfriend did and he became so attached I said we could fit ONE more into our family. Little Master Bruce Wayne (for his huge bat ears!) was energetic and loving. He quickly warmed up to everyone and everything. He's almost two now and the biggest cat we have! Our oldest, Cash, will still bathe him like he's her baby, Kira tolerates him (he loved being the only baby!) and our dog loves to play hide and seek with him under our covers. We found our furry superhero!
Angelle Martin
Rochester, NY