On Super Bowl Sunday 2008 a pup and a young dog were dumped from a pick-up truck in front of an animal lover. Instead of chasing the truck she stopped and saved the dogs. They were put in foster care through a local rescue group. Colby didn't do well in his first foster home so he came to me. He resembles a Jack Russell with the accompany quirks and issues. Colby would also chase the cat and jump on the counter with her! Due to his circumstances he would also cower, roll over, and wet on himself any time somebody reached to pet him. Several months and two failed adoption attempts later Colby had become attached to us. He was comfortable with his surrounding and his people. Since he had found a place in my heart, and a spot on our bed, we decided to adopt him ourselves. It would have been detrimental to his well-being to figuratively dump him again after he made us his family! He is loved!
Deb Richards