Eggbert the Pigeon

I took my dog Tucker outside this morning (March 22, 2009) and he ran up to a grey thing in the snowbank by my house, and I thought it was a rock cause it wasn't moving. But he only acts this way toward other animals......The closer I got, I then realized it was a pigeon. Tucker was nudging it with his nose and it wouldn't move, but when I got up to it, I realized it was alive. I couldn't leave it there to die in the cold. I realized I would rather it die warm if it was dying, than freeze to death I brought it home, and put it in a box and wrapped him up in my sweater. I realized that the more he warmed up, the more life came back and he began moving more. He fell asleep and I called the Walden Animal Hospital because they have a wildlife sanctuary, and they told me to bring the pigeon in for them to care him back to life. So off we went this morning, Al and I to the wildlife hospital with the poor injured pigeon in the box and I bonded to him so much I named him Eggbert lol. I brought him to the hospital and filled out a rescue paper and I gave them my email address and requested someone keep me updated to see what was wrong with him and if he survives and the head of the hospital agreed to! So, Tucker saved his life cause had Tucker not began to act the way he did toward it, I would of simply thought it was a rock! The moral of this story too, is that all animals deserve a second my eyes, anyway....Update--Eggbert is going to be ok!
Stephanie Dumoulin
Sudbury, Canada