Elway and Babe

This story is about a little dog named Elway he's a cha-winnie, we think. He was on the street for about 5 years that we know of, and he used to come up to the house and we would feed him. It took a lot to get him to come up to us, because he was scared. He would hook up with the wrong people - any drunks that would walk around, Elway would follow. Well we watched for a while. We always wanted him, but he would just run away. Then one day we saw Elway being beat, and then we knew that he was coming home with us! It took a lot to get him used to eating with the other dogs we have, not to mention everyday that he broke out of the fence and ran away. We would find him everyday and bring him back. We showed him love and fun, and now we have had him for 4 years. He was skin and bones when he first came into our lives. Now he sure knows where the treat door is! The Pug, Babe, in this picture was also rescued from a very mean woman, who would throw dogs in the trash can, if they died. We use to mow the lady's yard and always played with Babe while we were there. One day the lady told us to take her, because she could not take care of her. Our son went right over and picked Babe up. Babe is now 3 yrs old, her birthday is 02/14/06 our valentine baby. And to top it all off, she cannot get away from Elway!
Natalie & Penny
Abilene, TX