Eva's Tale

After I lost my kitty, Pursie from cancer, I didn't think I would want another cat any time soon. We already had one other cat, as well as two bassett hounds. However, it didn't take long for me to change my mind. Eva was a stray that ended up at a cat rescue. When she arrived there, she was very wild and independent, not caring much for human interaction. Whoever captured her took her to be spayed and declawed but then decided not to keep her, so she ended up at the shelter. Her belly was infected and the stitches had not been properly removed from her paws. I brought her home still infected and on antibiotics and it took her a while to warm up. Now, she is the funniest, most entertaining cat, and she gets along great with the rest of our animal clan. She also really enjoys attention from people now too, especially me. She completes our pet family, and as the only girl in the bunch, she seems to think she is the little princess.
Palm Harbor, FL