Extended Family

We have 5 dogs, all from shelters. Besides the 3 pictured we have a Beagle/Huskey mix and a full blooded German Shepherd. The dogs in the picture are a Black Lab mix, Coonhound, and a Terrier mix. Shelters and rescue groups have the best animals around. Our Shepherd was very sick, and the shelter didn't think she was going to make it, thankfully because of their dedication, she did. I couldn't imagine our home without her. All of our dogs are children to us. Most of the time they talk back less than our real children...except the Shepherd. She barks and howls when it's time to eat and will not stop until she's fed. She's always instigating her "brothers" and "sisters" to do the same. They all have such wonderful personalities, we wouldn't trade them in for anything. I can't stress enough how much we love our family, and how thankful we are to the shelters for taking care of them before we were lucky enough to find them.
Spartanburg, SC