Two years ago this skinny Rott showed up at my husband's (Rob) work, where Rob and fellow employees were sneaking food outside to her. After a few days they were told that they would have to call the local dog pound to come and get her. When Rob returned to work the next morning he couldn't believe what he saw, she had blood coming from two large holes in her back, big enough to put a small fist in. She must have been running from something and caught the bottom of the chain link fence; she had also bitten her tongue on both sides. He immediately had her taken to our vet clinic where she spent the next 6 weeks healing. While there she under went eye surgery and she also tested positive for heartworms. My daughter came up with her name Faith; she said faith brought her to Rob to save her life. She now is healthy and part of our large family (and very protective over Rob). She has five other sisters and two brothers; six are strays and one we got 10 years ago from our local animal shelter. The Apt's
Tina Apt
Box Springs, GA