Farm dog.

Me and my partner has been considering adopting a dog for a while but hadn't come to any decision either. So when I get a call from my partner, telling me "we've got a dog" and he's meeting me on the way home from work to lead me to him, I was, confused. I spotted his van on the country road and pulled over to talk to him. He tells me a very sad story about a neglected farm dog called Frank. His "owners" neglected him because he's a failed sheep dog and was of no use to them. His story fills my heart with sadness so we immediately go to get him. When we pull up to the farm yard, my heart goes out to this sad border collie chained up to a tiny metal Hut that is so small he has to get onto his belly and crawl into. His fur is filthy and heavily matted, his bowls are already up for sale in the farm auction, he's surrounded by his own feces and his collar is so tight, I can't fit my pinky finger under it and a tongue too big for his mouth, sticking out between his closed lips. His eyes lit up when we came over and showed him some attention. There was no way I was leaving him there. He was destined for a bullet that weekend, we were sure of it. So we took him, took him to the vets and gave him a loving home, showed him what life he really deserved. He is the kindest, gentlest, happiest dog I've ever had the pleasure to meet. So with his new life, we gave him a new name; Oscar, my beautiful border collie.
Rachael Carthy
Ribbleton, Preston, United Kingdom