Feral Lap Cats

I was volunteering at a shelter that took in feral and domesticated cats. I started noticing an orange tabby cat coming out to me.  I asked the owner about the new cat and she asked me "What new cat? We didn't get a new orange cat". I had her follow me over to watch as this orange tabby approached. The owner exclaimed "No way! I haven't been able to get near Mai-Lyn since she's been here." Mai-lyn had been feral for about four years and no one could approach her.  A few years later and Mai-Lyn is nearly a lap cat.  Phoebe was adopted shortly after.  She was also feral and unapproachable.  Still no matter how much she lunged, hissed, growled or spit, she'd purr when I put her in my lap.  Now there isn't a moment Phoebe isn't in my lap or following me room to room.  I couldn't imagine my life without the love these two cats bring me.
Manchester, NH