Ferguson, my soul cat.

Ferguson, now 8 years old was at a small reacue that let cats roam around the small pet store area they had. I walked in, not really looking to adopt. A small grey tabby just followed me everywhere I went. I picked him up to give him love, he fell asleep in my arms and came home the next day. I'am an over the road truck driver and Iraq Veteran with PTSD. Ferguson rides with me all over the country and looks after me when I have anxiety. He is the greatest friend a human could have. He has a nose for mischief and is always there to make me laugh. He has been to 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces. He is the most travelled cat around. He even got to write letters to a class of children talking about his travels on the road. Of all the people that went in and out of that store, he chose me to be his companion. I'm blessed to have been picked.
Rob Goodall
Amherst, OH