Finally Got My Pony

All girls want a pony at some stage in their life. I took my kitty boy, Puck, to the vet on my way out of town and saw a little beauty in the window. When I asked her name, the staff said, "Pony...she's been waiting for you." I laughed and said, "Nope...she's very cute, but I can't." They said she'd been left with $100 on an account because the owners could only have 2 cats in the apartment, and Pony lost the draw. Three weeks later, on an impulse, I called to see what happened to Pony, and they said, "She's still waiting for you." I've had her ever since. She's skitterish around strangers but a sweetheart with those she's an honor when she agrees to have you for a friend because she'll adore you in return.
Cathy Talbert
Falls Church, VA