Finding Finnegan

We brought Gabby into our family when she was about 8 months old. I spotted her on and fell in love with the patch around her eye. We drove down to meet her and knew immediately she should return home with us. We learned Gabby had been surrendered in Indiana with a brother. He had been adopted by a woman in Chicago. Via email, we saw a picture of him kayaking in the windy city. It appeared both littermates now had forever homes. About 6 months later, I was scrolling through the dogs on and was surprised to spot Gabby's brother. I emailed the rescue and learned his owner became ill and could not keep the dog. He had been returned to the rescue and was now in need of a new home. I expressed an interest in adopting him but learned another family already had their eye on him. It was just before the holidays and one of our older dogs had just passed away. Our spirits were down. Then we received the news that Gabby's brother was ours if we wanted him. We jumped in the car and drove down to Rockford IL to meet Gabby's brother. On the way down, we tossed dog names around trying to decide what we should name our new family member. We passed a sign advertising "Finnegan's". We took that as a "sign" and decided to name this new dog Finnegan, Finn for short. We are often asked, "Did they remember each other?" Initially when they saw each other, their hair stood on end. But after a brief smell session, they began to play and have been buddies ever since.
Kira Dott
Middleton, WI