Finding Oliver

Once I retired, I started seriously thinking about adopting an adult or senior dog. When I saw the picture of this forlorn little black Chihuahua in the paper I knew I had found my pet. Oliver was a 7 year old male Chihuahua who had recently lost his right eye to cancer. If ever there was a dog that needed me and a forever home, he was it! The problem was that when I contacted the shelter listed in the paper, I was told that the newspaper had made a printing error. Oliver wasn't in that shelter! Where was my Oliver? I began to search in ernest for "my" dog by calling local shelters. When I had no luck, I turned to the internet and began searching shelters further afield. After a month of frustration and searching, I found my special pet in a shelter almost 50 miles away! It took me no time at all to make applications, provide references and pay the fee necessary to adopt this little dog. Oliver and I have been together for three years now. He is a beloved member of our family and I can't imagine a life without this perfect little guy.
Joanne Ciesluk
Holden, MA