First anniversary with my rescue!

After my mom's rescued pit bull died last March, I knew I still had to have a dog in my life. I went to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society to check out the dogs when I saw Tito, an underweight Corgi-Lab mix. He was the only dog who wasn't barking, and he followed me every time I walked by his cage. His inquisitive eyes stole my heart, and the next day he came to live with my boyfriend and me. Tito, now named Keltie, got off to a rocky start. He had worms when we took him home and had to eat special food for his sensitive stomach. He also had separation anxiety and ate our couch when we left him home alone. After 8 weeks he was up to a healthy weight and herding us around the house like sheep. One year later, Keltie has completed two obedience classes and his separation anxiety has lessened. He spends his days hiking and wrestling with my mom's new dog, and he spends his nights hogging the covers in my bed.
San Dimas, CA