Fito the black cat

Fito found me when he was 2 months old. I've always wanted a black cat to be my partner so when I got a message from a one of my classmates telling me that she was giving this little black kitten for adoption I take advantage that my parents were in a working travel to keep him because they never allowed me to have pets at home. The first week I fight for him so he could stay but at the end everyone fell in love with him. His favorte thing to do was going outside to climb the front wall so he could be able to see the street. He bonded with everyone in fact every time my mom or my dad arrived home Fito always received them. And also he loved sleeping with my sister and making me company when I was studying for tests. Now I’m studying abroad in Spain and I’m heading home in two weeks but Fito is not going to be there. This last three weeks have been the most heartbreaking and difficult because he was diagnosed with a lymphoma causing him a renal failure that take him away. Everything went so fast that anyone could imagine. He was just two years and a half months when he passed away. I just don’t know how I’m going to react when I arrived because he was my partner. I’m so grateful with my sister, my dad and my mom that take care of him full time this past days. Especially my sister that never leaved his side for a moment. I’m just so grateful that he found me. I will miss all the days you wake us up for food or the days you hide for hours and we couldn’t find you even the time you bite us when we were playing. But the most I will miss is having you around just being you at home.
Lima, Peru