Foster Fail

I was working at an Animal Rescue and a few months ago this adorable little chihuahua came in as a stray. When he first came in everything was fine and then he started to break out with demodex mange. His condition got worse and looked horrible, he looked miserable so I asked to foster him. I waited a few weeks awaiting test results to make sure there was not an underlying disease that my other dog could catch and I finally got to take him home. Turned out on top of the mange, he also had second degree dermatitis. The first night I brought him home he made himself cozy and even slept on his back snuggled up with me. I fell in love and ended up adopting him. Today his skin looks so much better, you can't tell he ever had mange. He still has some mites but hopefully this will be the last month of treatment. He is such a happy little dog and he definitely chose me. I'm so glad I decided to foster him, he came into my life right when I needed him.
Surprise, AZ