Foster Parents

Eight years ago my husband & I moved onto our dream property, 3 acres of land with a huge garage and a good sized home. The first few years we had a really big vegetable garden, we weeded and picked and canned......for the next couple of years we spent a lot of time putting in new fencing an maintaining the grounds. Last year we became involved with a local rescue group: Animal Friends Rescue Project located in Pacific Grove. We finally found the best use for all that yard space! We took in our first foster pup, a beautiful 1.5 year old lab named Lady. she wasn't with us for 3 weeks before finding a forever home with a local dog lover. Since September we have had 4 other foster babies, one named Sasha that stole my hubby's heart and became our own. I have met so many great people during the events that I have attended with our rescue group, and can't even imagine my life without barking dogs greeting me when I come home from work each day. The unconditional love from these little guys is unmatched. I wish there weren't so many animals in shelters and living in poor conditions, and am proud that I can be at least the tiniest bit helpful in finding loving homes for just a few.
Leslie McGee
Watsonville, CA