Found you!

I have always loved all animals but never had a cat because my parents are allergic and well frankly not cat fans. I made friends with a few around the neighborhood and stables where I worked but still longed for one of my own. When I met my husband also an animal lover he already had 7 cats. Each it's own personality and they accepted me but remained "his" cats, well except for Creature beautiful blue eyed buff cat who seems to favor me slightly more than hubby, love my Creature and believed life as good as it gets. We adopted a Greater Swiss Mountain dog that my husband picked out at the pound who I have also developed amazing bond with. One night I went to bed and hubby was still up. I hear pleading desperate meows and call down to my husband what was going on. He said he did not know and I got up and we searched house to find all of our cats content and safe. We realized at the same time the cries were coming from the attached garage. We go out and cries immediately stop. We search and hubby finds little feral 8-10 week old kitten hiding in spare tire. Kitten does his best to murder my husband but he gets him inside hissing and spitting and we put in carrier with can of cat food that he immediately devours like he had not eaten in a week. It takes about a month until he fully decides house cat life is a pretty sweet deal and big scary monsters are not going to eat him. Our dog Huck was immediately smitten with kitten. We named him Kaiju and I have fallen head over heels in love. Kaiju is not shy in showing me how much he loves me either no doubt this one is "mine". I am amazed how he came into our lives, how he ended up in our garage. Even more amazed every day what an incredible animal he is perfect in every way. Glad he found me.
Brewster, OH