Fox Dog

This handsome fellow was abandoned on a college campus in Florida in the middle of the summer. He lived in the woods for two months, and he was so skinny and red that, at first, people mistook him for a fox! Over time, a number of the students and staff began feeding Mat and bringing him water. He would come close enough to take food, but would flinch away when anyone tried to touch him, and flee if anyone tried to get him into a car to get him help. Finally, a brave student managed to capture Mat, and brought him to the new animal shelter in Doral, FL. He barks and wags his tail when his friends from the university come to visit, and loves to be petted and taken for walks. When he plays outside in the visiting areas, he enjoys meeting new people and especially lady dogs. Mat is still looking for a forever home, so if you're able to offer him a place in your family, please contact Miami-Dade animal services, and ask about dog #A1810251. Thank you!
Cat Segota
Miramar, FL