Foxy's tale

I had lost my collie nearly 2 years before and I still didn't want another dog. But my husband went on and on so to keep him quiet I went to the rescue kennels. While standing making excuses for not choosing a dog I felt I was being watched. I turned and there was this beautiful dog staring at me. The kennel staff were amazed. He was so badly abused he spent all his time hiding. But somehow he had got past two gates and was standing in the open looking at me. I still went home without a dog but his eyes haunted me and the next day my husband went back to make enquires. (I was at work). When I got home he said to forget him, you couldn't get near him. I said go back, put him in the car and bring him home. I will sort him out. He was 15 months old, had been locked up, beaten and starved. He still has problems and at the age of 12 he isn't going to change, but with me he is the gentlest, most loving most faithfull dog you could wish for.
Angela Rain
Paignton, United Kingdom