Frank (his nickname) and his three siblings were found in a pile of cement blocks next to a garage; their eyes barely open, no mother cat appeared. After calling my vet to ask how to care for them, I put them in a big cookie tin and drove them home. They were bottle fed every two hours until they could eat from a dish. At first, they were weighed every day to make sure they were gaining weight. We also had to wipe them off as there was no mother cat to lick them clean. That was almost five years ago. Frank broke his leg when he was five months old. The vet put it in a splint, as the option of putting a steel rod in his leg was not financially feasible. I asked our priest if I could bring him to the weekly healing service at our church. The answer was yes. I carried him on my chest him a baby sling. His splinted leg projected awkwardly from an opening. At the altar, Father N. laid his hands on Frank's head and we prayed that God would heal him. After the service Father N. said jokingly "I wish all our parishioners could be so well behaved!" He healed beautifully and loves to play with the string toy every night as do his siblings Sinbad, Alley and Angel.
Leslie Smith
Chester, NY