Frankie and Vinnie

I brought Fluffy, Frankie and Skinny Vinnie home after a visit to my family in rural Western New York. My husband and I were still mourning the loss of our beloved cat Zolushka, who came to us as a feral kitten, and who had finally succumbed to feline leukemia after many happy years. Frank and Vinnie were only 5 weeks old and were weak and sickly. The family who found them did not want to care for them and were planning to euthanize them if no one came forward. The local farm vet gave me a little hope, and so I drove the 10 hours back to Brockton with the tiny cats zipped into my sweatshirt to keep them warm. Now, almost three years later they are healthy and wonderful and they bring us joy everyday!
Molly Root
Brockton, MA