Free-ranging Dog Story

Parking lot of an apartment, near my residence, was a home to old female dog (Lali) with her two newborn- 3 week’s old pups (Pumpkin and Biti). When I found Lali she was extremely frail, undernourished, scared and wildly aggressive in the presence of humans near her marked area;However she appeared to be ebullient to me which made me started seeing her at least twice in a day and feed her. Within weeks Lali started to follow me and often stop by my house for little attention along with Biti and Pumpkin. One morning when I went to feed my naughty trio I found Biti was missing. I searched for her in entire neighbourhood and found her lying at a nearby footpath with badly mutilated forelimb- which was inflamed and looked more than double its size and her entire flesh from her paw was sticking through the skin with numerous flies housing on it. Being not sure of how to handle Biti I called my cousin who introduced me to Ms. Neeti Dave; she travels the road to rescue. She came and examined Biti, took her immediately with her.Following day she called me to inform that Biti’s injury is deep down and doctor suggests amputation of affected limb. It was heart-breaking news since Biti was less than 2 months old and I had no idea about what impact would this amputation have on her.Next day I again received a call from Niti. She said, she met one doctor who says we can take a chance and with help of antibiotics, proper care and thorough cleaning and dressing we can observe the recovery for next few days. Neeti was kind enough to keep Biti with her till she is completely fine. Some people dedicate their lives to lending hand to animals unable to help themselves, Niti was one of them.She has a heart for rescuing animals.Thanks to her brave efforts Biti was back to normal. Hopefully more and more such heart warming stories should make the news.It takes one kind action to inspire many others. Little Biti underwent a remarkable transformation.
Prital Desai
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India