From Breeder to Rescue

When our beloved golden retriever died, we began to look for an older golden, since we are older, too. I searched the Internet for breeders who retire their breeder dogs after a few years. We found Emma, just the right age, nearly 4, just recovering from her last litter of puppies. The day we brought her home, she came in heat, she had two varieties of worms, a uterine infection and a very difficult hysterectomy due to the size of her uterus. She barely had a coat and lacked social skills, was shy and bewildered around people. Then one day, I looked at her; suddenly she had blossomed. Her coat was full and silky, she loved people, and has proved to be the perfect dog for us. We love her dearly, and although she didn't come from a shelter, she is truly a rescue dog, and a real success story.
Santa Maria, CA