From Death Row to a wonderful life.

Fred was abused, injured, abandoned and ended up in a shelter...He is mostly JRTerrier mixed with Chihuahua so between his breed traits and the ordeal he went through, he was somewhat aggressive. He was then sent to a kill facility. Lucky for both of us there is a wonderful group (DART) that goes to these kill facilities on Fridays and takes as many animals as possible that are scheduled to be euthanized the next Monday. They somehow saw past his nervous aggression and saved him. As for me, it was the first time I was living alone in many years as well as the first time I was living without a dog. I went to Petfinder and there he was...looking lost, scared and totally pitiful. My heart went out to him and I knew immediately he would be mine. He was being fostered in Fayetteville. The next day his foster dad brought him home to me. At first Fred was wary and fearful, he was also malnourished and a bag of bones. He was afraid to relax, afraid of people & other dogs and needed lots of love. Well, in the first month I had him, he gained 8lbs.,got all his shots, and was neutered. Soon, he got to meet lots of people and started attending Doggie Day Care. Today Fred is a new dog. He is adorable, funny, very playful, smart as a whip and a little lover boy. He sleeps under the covers in my bed and is living a great doggie life. He plays well with other dogs and everybody loves him. I am so happy to have him and can't believe such a sweet adorable little guy almost didn't make it. He is the love of my life and mommy's boy. Spoiled? Absolutely! He deserves it!
Donna Sue Fiore
Wilmington, NC