From dump Cat to Mocca

My family lives outside the city, and when I got married I still went to visit them a lot. One day I got home almost at night time and at the entrance of my residential complex I find one beautiful cat, followed by two little kittens. I fell in love with them immediately. They were trying to find some food in a trash can near my place and my heart almost breaks seeing this scene. I called my husband and told him what was happening. He said "we can't pick them up, you know what will happen and we're in no position to keep them" It was May 27th and we were leaving the country on July, so we couldn't take the risk of not finding them a home. Despite of what my husband told me, I sent him some pictures of the gorgeous mommy and her kittens (She was so cute and so easy going. She purred when I first touched her and let me lift her and hug her) Two seconds after I sent the pics he called me and told me "Wait for me. I'll pick the car and go for you guys". I was scared to leave them, it was getting cold and they were hungry. Almost at midnight my husband arrived and we went home with 3 cats. I went online and published the photos, called all of my friends and tried to find them an appropriate loving home. The first kitten went two days after. The second kitten, three weeks after. But the mom, for being an adult was really difficult. I received 5 calls to make an appointment to meet her, but none of them went. I was sad because she wouldn't find a home, but happy cause she'd be with me more time. On June 20th our time was ending and Mocca, as we called her, didn't have a home. I was so in love with her that I decided she was mine and I'd take her with us to Argentina. And now, she's the love of our lives.
Jo Ospina
Bogotá, Colombia