From Feral to Love Bug

I first met Moo in my garage when she was about 8 months old. She was up in the rafters hissing and spitting at me while I was trying to do laundry. She was a feral cat and apparently had come through the cat door and decided to stay in the garage where I had food and water for my resident cats. My husband was not impressed with her "Halloween Kitty" impression. In an attempt to befriend her, I would take out cat milk as a treat and she loved it. I would call "here's your moo" and then eventually I just called out "moo;" thus her name. Then it happened...she fell in love with my male cat and followed him everywhere, including inside the house! Of course she would immediately disappear when we came in the room, but she would return to look for him again when she thought the coast was clear. I trapped her and took her to the vet and she was fixed and pronounced healthy. Moo is now approximately 16 years old and it has only been in the last few years that you could pet her like a regular cat. My male cat that she was so attached to was an old cat who spent most of his time indoors, and so, she did too. This helped her to become comfortable with us and she began to let us pet her, but only two strokes; any more and she would swat you and draw blood. After my male cat passed, she began looking to us for attention, but she just didn't want too much touching. It was a long road, but she is now a cuddle bug who wants to be petted as much and as often as she can get (we haven't been swatted in two years) and she even likes to be carried around! Moo has come a long way and my husband and I love her unconditionally. She may be old, but she's very healthy and we hope to have many more happy years with her.
A Cat Lover
Sacramento, CA