From Garbage to Pampered

We named her Lucky. It was a “2fer” name. One 32 degree morning here in an upper desert wash near our son’s home, he and our daughter-in-law saved a tiny toy Chihuahua from an attack. She was being hunted down by a huge cat and their sheltie barked it away. They called us, knowing we were very much wanting to rescue a pup after the hard loss of our beloved Goldie mix. It was love at first sight! This tiny 4-1/2 pound puppy that someone literally threw away to either freeze or be eaten cuddled into my neck and kissed me. How could anyone’s heart not melt? How horrible a person was this who tossed her as if she were yesterday’s garbage? We took her to the vet-her nails were too long, her fur a bit sticky and we wanted to make sure no one was “missing” her. No collar, no chip and an infection. We cleaned her up, gave her meds, held her and told her that from now on she’d have all the love she deserved, all the food she needed and never ever would she be for want again. Lucky. We were just as lucky to have our son and daughter in the right place at the right time to adopt her and boy did she find just the right home to welcome her into their lives. Today, she has us, her tabby brother who adores her and the love of 4 grandchildren who think she’s the cutest girl in the world. Someone’s trash truly turned out to be our treasure.
New River, AZ