From Hell to Heaven

My Son got a frantic text from a friend of his begging him to take in a cat that was a year and a half old,a 17 yr old Boy owned the cat and his Family (parents and siblings) were highly abusive to the cat,they would chase her to hit or kick her, never allowed her to eat more than just a few bites at a time,The boys Father threatened that if he didn't get rid of the cat he would tie her into a pillow case and toss her into a River,all because the cat was female,and older than a year,this family wanted only Kittens,and will toss out the older cats in any way they can to make room for new Kittens. We drove over to the Boys house and picked the Cat up,her Name is Sylvi and she is now 2 1/2 years old ,we have worked hard to show her she will only be treated with kindness and Love,it has taken a year and now we marvel at how far she has come from being a scared little cat who stayed hidden ,to becoming a loving energetic curious little cat, she loves to be groomed with a brush so much all I have to do is show her ,her brush and she comes running,The Person Sylvi has claimed as just hers is my Son,but she demands attention from all 3 of us,she has a Sister Cat and a Brother Dog and 3 humans that love her dearly,and we Laugh quite often at her antics like chasing her tail or playing with her squeaky mouse toys,or her very favorite Toy Nemo,Sylvi made our Family complete.
Tacoma, WA