From rags to riches...

When we decided to bring a dog into our lives, we made a conscious decision to go through a rescue. I found a local rescue which accepted our application and brought over a special dog which they felt met our needs and hers. She was pretty ragged when we first saw her, her hair was thin, she had been rescued from a puppy mill with terrible conditions. We fell in love immediately and took her straight to Pet Smart to load up on all the goodies she needed. She had allergies very badly, we tried all kinds of food, but she would still itch and her hair would fall out. We have had her on the BARF Diet, frozen patties now for 6 months and she is thriving, as you can see in her picture, no more allergies, no more shots. She lives the life of a princess. She has brought more joy to our family than we ever thought possible. I think she knows she was rescued and appreciates how well we take care of her. She is so loving.
Teresa Young
Loudon, TN