From Street Scamp to Finchlee Christopher

My name is Finchlee, yepper, Finchlee Christopher. About a year ago, I was proudly running the streets of Dallas/Ft. Worth. I was a freedom runner, they all called me Scamp. Then one day, this man was driving along in a truck and whisked me up so fast, I didn't know what happened. He took me to this big place where all I could hear was barking and screeching. Someone stuck a needle in my leg and later said that I had a worm in my heart and unless an angel saved me, I would be put to sleep. Well, I don't like worms, and I don't want to sleep, so I was hoping an angel would come and take me away. Sure enough, angel Jackie came from Chris' Rescue Angels. She took me to a dogtor who gave me medicine in my back to make me better. It hurt me bad, but Angel Jackie had lots of fuzzbutts at her house I could play with that made me feel better.. About two months later, my new momma came to get me. I was all better now, but my back still hurt me. My momma and I flew in an airplane all the way to Chicago. We got to ride a bus from Chicago to my new house. Boy, oh boy, I have a fuzzbutt brother named Ozcar Melvyn, and a fuzzbutt sister named Jezibelle June. She is a spoiled brat. I also have two foster brothers named Archie and Happy Jack, and three foster sisters named Sareena, Princess and AbbiGail. Our mommy takes all eight of us to work everyday. She says she wants to socialize us, whatever that means. I am a good boy, I have manners, I am loved and I am a survivor.
Paula Copper
beloit, WI