From Tethered and Forgotten to Loved and Spoiled

Camille was tied to a truck next to my parent's house. Her tether was so short, that she couldn't even hide from the elements. She rarely got fed, never had fresh water or human interaction. She was no longer a cute puppy, so the owners tied her up and forgot about her. With the help of some fantastic fellow rescuers, we managed to convince the owner to give her up. I fixed her up, and found the most wonderful home for her. This retired gentleman had recently lost a similar looking boxer and was very sad and lonely. He lives by a lake and takes "Cami" with him everywhere he goes. His daughter says Cami sleeps in the bed with him. I can hear her snoring as we speak. She's spoiled rotten and is the love of his life. I do miss that silly girl, but it brings joy to my heart to see that after being discarded and neglected, she is now bringing endless joy and unconditional love to a great and kind-hearted soul. And in return, she is getting all the love and attention she deserves.
Houston, TX