From Tombstone to Rusty

My spouse and I had discussed adopting a dog but couldn't come to an agreement, until fate stepped in and gave us the best pooch in the world. I was working and on my way back from a sales call when I decided to take a short drive through a really big, old cemetary. I drove along the path looking out the drivers window when I glanced up and saw this skinny, dirty blondie trotting my direction. As an animal lover I had to stop & make sure he wasn't lost. I opened my door and this mangey dog, wagging his tail the whole time, sat at my feet and just looked up at me, as if to say "I'm a good boy, please pet me" He didn't have any tags or even a collar & had the biggest brown puppy eyes I've ever seen. Two guys working at the cemetary drove up behind me and tried to tell me he was their dog. But as they approached him, the dog wanted nothing to do with them, barked & ran away. They men told me that he had been there for a couple weeks and they had tried to feed him. I really didn't believe that, given the dogs reaction to them. As they pulled away, off to do their duties, one of them yelled out "If you want him, take him" I opened my passenger door & the dog immediately jumped in. He took a last look at his surroundings and with a big, relieved sigh, layed down in my front seat. My spouse, who couldn't believe I put this dirty dog in my new car, fell in love almost instantly. 1 year, 20 pounds heavier & with the name Rusty, we couldn't be happier & neither could he!
Jessica Seamount
Joliet, IL