Frozen Miracle

I was found wandering in a mountain area at the end of February, and bought in from freezing winter conditions. The angel lady who found me visited the cottages around the lake; identified as a stray by a few witnesses, I was claimed by no one. From some reports, I would have been abandoned in early December. The rescuer could not keep me for family reasons; I was brought back to civilization and within a week she had found me my furever home. I was adopted in a family of three older rescues: Java (14 yo), Siobhan (10 yo) and Whiskey (9 yo), and named Praline. I was brought to a veterinary for a full check-up: the lady doctor said I was in surprisingly good health, considering my ordeal. I am purebred Tonkinese, chocolate point; I lost one ear tip to frost bite and the other one should fall off anytime soon. My tiny paws are still sensible. I am no older than a year, and had one litter in the past. Yesterday, I was neutered, and I am now officially a full house cat. I have found my place in the pack here. Although not very demonstrative in affection, I do love to curl up on my new mom’s lap, and sleep by my new uncle’s pillow at night.
Trois-Rivieres, Canada