Garage Guardian

A few years ago I started feeding some ferals where I fuel up for my nightly delivery route. They would never get closer than 20 feet until I laid the food out and backed away. One night while I turned around to get another can, this little guy came up and started eating. He was either really hungry or had figured out I wasn't a threat. Within a couple of days I was able to pet him. I received the OK to bring Tux home to be a garage guardian (we have two elderly indoor only cats). I tried stopping several times after finishing my route but couldn't find him, so that Friday I decided to pick Tux up when I fed them. He sniffed around the cab for a minute then put his paws on my leg, looked up at me and meowed, as if he was saying, "OK, Let's go." He then coiled up next to me and mostly slept for the next 6 hours. It was as if he knew he was headed to a better home. He settled right in the garage, and particularly loved his deep shag rug lined bed we made up for him. We spent as much time with Tux as possible. After a week, he got to venture outside. He inspected the grounds for about an hour and then went back in, got a drink, and laid down to take a nap. He was home. Tux always came running, happy to see us when we came out to the garage. One of the things he loved to do was to hop up on my workbench, headbutt me until I put my arm down. He would then lay between my arms, put his head in my hand and go to sleep. I was his person. We're not sure what happened to Tux. Our neighbors told me they have lost several small pets to the critters in the wooded area across the street. I've had many cats in my lifetime, but never one that has affected me like Tux. I miss my little buddy.
Moore, OK