Geocaching Prize

My son and husband were out geocaching and they called me and said they'd found two little black kittens dumped beside the road near a geocache. What could I do? I told them to bring them home. At the time, we already had three cats so I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of two more. Still, I spent the time waiting for them to get home setting up an area to isolate them until we could get them to the vet and make sure they were healthy. I also called and made a vet appointment for the next morning. The babies were, of course, adorable. My husband said they hadn't been there long, there was a box that still had kitten food in it. The kittens had gotten out of the box and were trying to catch butterflies in the thin strip between the road and a drop off to a fast moving river. They wouldn't have lasted long. The vet pronounced them healthy and one of our neighbors, a girl my son's age, fell in love with the female. My son fell in love with the male. I was still intending to adopt out both. We got a call the next morning from the neighbor girl saying her dad had agreed to let her keep the female. I asked my husband if we should let our son keep the male. My husband got a pitiful look on his face and I laughed and said, "Should we let you keep the male?" Toby loves us all, but he's always really been my husband's cat. We occasionally compare notes with the neighbors and he's almost twice his sister's size although he doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.
Kent, WA