Getting Roxy

I read a posting from a rescue group that I belong to about a sweet little brown dog found running around in traffic on the streets of Atlanta. Apparently after some pleading, the woman who caught her got permission from her landlord to keep the dog for two weeks while she searched for a home. If she had to take the dog to a shelter, they would put her down immediately due to her being an American Pit Bull Terrier. Being familiar with the breed and partial to Bullies with her coloring, I knew she should become a part of "my pack." Her rescurer stated that she would drive halfway anywhere on the east coast to help this sweet dog find a home. I drove to Columbia, SC, to pick her up. When I got there I said, "I think I'll name her Roxy." And the woman replied, "That's what I've been calling her. " So I knew it was meant to be. Roxy had a horrible case of mange, was entering her first heat, had significant joint issues from poor breeding, and no manners whatsoever, but I loved her immediately. These days Roxy spends her time playing with my other two dogs and enjoying our evening walks. She is goofy, forever puppy-like, and brings incredible joy to our lives!
Natalie Gomes
Wilmington, NC