Gloria - the Non-Fighting Pit Bull

Gloria was born to a dog fighter in Manhattan. At only 4 months old she did something that made her monster of an owner mad. She probably wasn't interested in fighting and that angered him to the point where he beat the left side of her head nearly flat. She was rescued by an Angel who spent thousands on treating her, but Gloria was left with severe brain damage. When I saw Gloria's picture I knew she should live with us. She doesn't know she has a disability and she sure doesn't know pit bulls are supposed to be mean. She loves the other dogs and us, showering us with kisses at every opportunity. She races through the yard with the others, legs windmilling to keep her balance, eyes sparkling and a big grin on her face. She's very smart and funny. The brain damage causes impulse control (she will try to jump in your lap while you are eating) but she is on Prozac which has worked wonders and allows her to think a little more before acting. Pit bulls deserve a chance - not the bad rap they are getting.
Jane Walbridge
New Haven, CT