God Sent Him

We live in the wood and he came along almost 3 years ago. At the time we had two older cats and our vet bills were outragous. So my husband tried to trap him but for some reason the trap didn't work. Were weren't going to keep him so I called him the Little One. See how well that worked out he's still here. So I just kept feeding him and got him a dog house which was defective had a replacement and I called an Organization called Stray Cat Blues( they handle strays and feral cats ) and gave the house to them. I told the guy that I didn't know what I was going to do since we had two older cats that were costing a fortune every month he asked if I could afford $50.00 which I agreed . So now I had to trap a cat that just started to trust me (he hates people and still does) and I had just lost the" love of my life "( he was sixteen) the week before which looked just like this one. Now by this time he weighed 12lbs and I called him Little One. Everyone told me that he wouldn't come back for at least two days if not longer. The next morning at 5:45AM I called him and he came running and rubbing right against me. I say God sent him to me help me get thru putting my baby down. Which he did help I still had another boy quite old (17) and had so many things wrong with him I almost became a tech. I just lost him almost 9 months so now Spunky is the only one I have that's what I named him. He now weighs 14.2lbs.
Green Lane, PA