Gremlin is the best cat in the world. He's 14 now. Getting old. But sometimes he doesn't seem like it. He's a pillow thief, a dinner thief (he loves roast chicken! Today he ate potato with cheese and broccoli in it!). He loves cuddles and is really friendly. He also purrs extra loud, like an engine! These stories all happened before I was born and my parents told me them. My cat gremlin was on a chair in the lounge and wanted to get to another one. The fireplace was in the way and there was a fire going in it. He didn't know that so he ran straight across the fireplace to the other chair. We tried to get him to put his paws in cold water for a few minutes, but he hated it! Another time, he went missing for three days. He was still a kitten! Our neighbours herd mewing in the tree outside their house and found. My silly little cat had climbed up a tree and not been able to get down again! My dad got his huge ladder out and climbed up the tree to get him. He was a happy kitty to be on the ground again! Gizzy and Gremlin One time both of the cats were missing. My dad went searching for them and found them either side of a bush with a rat in between them. He scared the rat away and the cats caught it. He thinks the cats were sitting by the bush waiting to catch the rat the whole time they were missing.
Auckalnd, New Zealand