Halloween surprise

When my mom and I moved to a duplex from her condo, I noticed a black cat that would sleep in the driveway of the house across the street. It was very skittish and would run whenever I approached it. After a year or so, the people across the street moved away. But the cat was still there. So I began putting food out on the driveway and the cat would wait until I was back across the street before it would come out of the bushes and eat. Eventually, I got tired of crossing the street and put the food on my driveway. The cat made the transition. It finally started waiting for me to come home from work and gradually allowed me to pet it. I decided that, since it was close to Halloween, the most appropriate name was “Elvira”. I bought her a reflective collar and name tag before I realized she was probably a neutered male! We now call her a trans-cat and are helping her learn to be comfortable inside. We will be moving to a new house in a couple of months and plan on making her our new indoor cat.
Karen Shor
Erie, PA