Hanna-Autumn & Sophie-Cotton

After losing both my 16 yr. old Lab-Mix, "Hanna" and my 12 yr. old Samoyed-Mix, "Spook," in '06 to two different forms of cancer I was devastated. I felt such emptiness after "Hanna" died in July, followed by "Spook" in September. I felt the best way to honor their memory was to give two more dogs a loving home. I found "Hanna-Autumn," and "Sophie-Cotton" on Petfinder.com. "Autumn" was in a rescue in Central Florida, and "Sophie" was in a shelter in northern Florida. I wanted two dogs that reminded me (in looks) of the two I'd lost, although I knew they'd have their own special personalities. "Autumn" & "Sophie" soon joined their big sister "Bella," (also a shelter dog) as well as six felines who were all either rescue/shelter or stray. These dogs are such wonderful girls; their unconditional love is endless. They helped to fill the emptiness I was feeling. Autumn and Sophie also quickly carved out their own special places in my heart, right next to my beloved "Hanna" & "Spook," who I'll never forget.
Moultrie, GA