Hannah Has a Home

Storm Is My Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She Was Almost 1 Yr. Old When I Felt The Over Whelming Need--Really , Like Right Now...To Have A Red Merle Puppy. Storm's Breeder Wouldn't Have A Red Puppy For Me For Over A Year. So I Tried Breeders Nationally On Line Looking For This Puppy. After Poor Hunting My Husband Suggested I Adopt A Puppy From A Shelter.So I Punched Up All Shelters In Wi. Checked All Puppies @ Ea. Facility...With No Luck For My Puppy. TILL PAGE 16. STEPPINGSTONE REHAB. CENTER. & Found HANNAH.She Was 2-3 years old, found wandering in IND. & mentally nothing there, no-one home. She was beautiful to me. We adopted her & now storm has a sister. Took Almost 6 months for her dog spirit to return. This is now her home. I had the right channel needing to find her NOW just the wrong frequency, not at a breeder.......who saved who?
Annie Johnston
Twin Lakes, WI