Harley & Charlie

I didn't have cats. I never really told anyone but its because at 5yrs old our blue point siamese was mauled by a dog & crawled home into my lap and died. Years later I met my now ex-fiance & she had this amazing orange tabby named ozzy who won my heart. He would ignore the family when they'd call him in at night but always came right to me. He mysteriously died one day & it broke our hearts. A few months later I just so happened to turn off the central air & open windows. I saw a car whip through the parking lot next door & open its door and speed off. I heard crying that sounded like a kitten. I went to the window & started doing "kitty calls", the sounds got closer & followed me window to window all the way to the back door which I opened. She ran in the door she was all tiny, blue gray, & mind numbingly cute. Her fur was super short & soft like a chinchilla. Meowing her head off she clawed her way up onto my shoulder meowing in my ear. I held her, pet her, calmed her down & gave her tuna which she wolfed down. I crafted a makeshift litterbox & did a midnight run to go buy her litter. I named her HarleyQuinn. She's the funniest, strangest little cat. She plays fetch, tries to steal all my food, takes baths & she is the most vocal little kitty ive ever met. She came to me in a really rough time & has since helped me through even rougher times: depression, an endless barrage of lost loved ones, being cheated on by my fiance of 6yrs, bouts of poor health. 3months later my boy orange tabby "bones" wandered into our lives after being abandoned. Harley, Bones & i even rescued and re-homed 3other kitties. She's always by my side through thick & thin. Follows me everywhere, even when I take a bath lol. Im so greatful she rescued me <3 >^.^<
Hudson, OH