Harley, The Lost Kitty

Meet Harley, a little black and white kitty we found late one night on our way home. We spotted this little two pound bugger, just in time before we ran him over! He was looking right into our headlights with these big, hopeful eyes. When we picked him up, he was purring as loud as my truck! We drove him to our house and quickly gave him some tuna and water. He gobbled both up in a heartbeat! We then took on the task of giving him a bath to rid him of the hundreds of flea's that were eating him alive. He was such a sweet little thing! He didn't like the bath or us picking off the flea's, but he sure did smell and look pretty after he was all toweled dry! Needless to say, our hands and arms were covered in claw marks! He kept us up all night. He constantly cried and wanted to get up on my neck to cuddle. He seemed scared and very tired, but finally fell asleep. The next day, we took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a bad case of heart worms. A few weeks later, he got a clean bill of health, gained weight, and had captured our hearts. He was now ready for his new home with my daughter and son-n-law. He is now officially called Harley Davidson Isenberg. (Named for his loud motor and cute goatee) We feel blessed to have found him. His favorite place is to sit up high on his perch and look out the window. Thank you Harley for giving us so much joy! Our families will continue to help all homeless animals. They ask so little, but give so much. We love you Harley!
The Sanders & Isenberg Families
Deland, FL