He Chose Me!

A few weeks before Christmas, my daughter and I accompanied my dad to the pet store to purchase some presents for his two cats. The local humane society was there showcasing some animals that were available for adoption by the front door. Among the cats and bunnies on display, one long-haired kitten caught my eye! He wasn't tiny - about 5 months old - and we went over to say, "hi." We had been looking for a dog for a few months, but I love all animals, so I had to check him out. When I bent down to look in his cage, he reached his paw out between the bars, curled his little paw around my finger, and pulled it in! His cage was surrounded by people coaxing and trying to pet him, but he continued rubbing on my finger and reaching for me! I was sold! I soon found out that this kitten in particular had come in in bad shape. He was covered in feces and had a lot of ulcers on his bottom. His previous mistreatment led to some other medical issues, including knee and hip problems, and at one point he was on three medications. In the first month that he lived with us, I spent a small fortune on vet visits. However, he is doing SO much better now, and just like the day I found him, he still reaches for me! I call him my velcro cat, because he is stuck to me like velcro! We named him Oliver, and he follows me from room to room each day, lays by my pillow at night, and still "grabs" my finger if I am not giving him my undivided attention! I am so thankful that HE chose ME, and I can't imagine life without my handsome boy!
Christy Ann Morrison
Beaver, PA